How to move macOS 10.13 VM from VMware Fusion 8 to VMware ESXi 6.0 ?


1. Create new VM with macOS 10.13 on VMware Fusion with 11 hardware version.
2. Change hdd type to SCSI.
3. Install macOS.
4. Copy VM from Fusion host to ESXi host, file with extension vmdk. If you do snapshot you must copy all vmdk files.
5. Convert VM to ESXi with command (from console): vmkfstools -i „Virtual Disk.vmdk” -d zeroedthick macOS10.3.vmdk
Where „Virtual Disk.vmdk” is file that you coped, -d zeroedthick is parameter to set fixed HDD size for this VM, macOS10.13.vmdk name for your new VM HDD file.
6. Create new custom machine, set CPU, RAM and choose existing vmdk file from menu.
7. Start your new VM.

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